CARD(Community  Action  for  Rural  Development) was  founded  by  Mr. P.Vedachalam  in 1982  at  Pudukkottai. CARD  was registered as  a Society on 14th December 1982  under the  Tamil Nadu  Societies Registration  Act  No.27 of  1975.  CARD was also registered with the  Ministry  of  Home  Affairs, Government  of India, under the  Foreign Contribution  Regulation  Act (FCRA) 1976. CARD  was  also registered  with  the  Commissioner  of Income  Tax  u/s 12A and 80G of the  Income  Tax Act  1961. CARD is a well established and leading  NGO has  served  thousands  of  poor  families in Pudukkottai, Madurai and Karur  Districts of Tamil Nadu  for the  last 32 years.

  is  the  founder  of   CARD.  He is  a  Post  Graduate  in   Sociology  and  completed his bachelor   degree  in Law. He is  a  social  thinker  and social reformer. He  named  his  office campus  as  ‘Samathuvapuram’ (Place  of equality)  in 1984.  Then this name was  used  by the  Government  for  creating  villages of   communal harmony in 1997. He has  35 years experience in rural development.