De-Addiction Hospital


The  Hospital  is functioning  in its own  buildings  at Samathuvapuram  in Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu. It is situated on  Pudukkottai  - Thirumayam  Main Road and  about 14 K.Ms  from Pudukkottai and  7 K.Ms  from Thirumayam.  Bus Stop  :  Lena  Vilakku


The Hospital  is  managed by  a Team  of Experts  consisting  of  one  Psychiatrist, one  Medical  Officer, one Psychiatric  Social  Workers, one  Psychologist,  three qualified  nurses, one  laboratory  assistant and other supporting  staff.

Years of service:

Hospital  is in service for the recovery  of  alcohol  and  drug  addicts for the  last 13 years and treated more than 5000 patients.


Treatment  is given  for  21 days. Family member  must stay with patient  as  attender  for all the  21 days.  Food  for patient and  attender  is  provided  from the Hospital Canteen. 


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